Wednesday, June 28, 2017

A Canvas with Dahlia

Welcome Friends to another post where I have the beautiful Dahlias on a Canvas from Susan's Garden. While I had fun creating this, also it reminds me of my childhood where I used to help and see my mother nurture these beauties.

Working with flowers makes you fall in love with the nature all the more and such has been my experience so far. This project is typically not a card but a textured canvas. Lets see some more close up and then how we can re create the same.

  • Take a blank canvas and apply white gesso.
  • Take some texture paste and a knife and use the texture paste unevenly on the canvas without any stencils.
  • Take some spray paints and sprinkle on the textured surface after it dries completely.
  • Sprinkle some warm silk microfine glitter and sprinkle it after applying soft gel.
  • Die cut multiple pieces of Dahlia and shape them using the Metal tool and molding mat.
  • To assemble die cut a piece of romantic corner and tuck in before placing the flowers.
Texture Paste

Thats all I have for you all today. Do share how you like and leave your love and comments.
See you soon as the next blog!

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